Act II.


As the youngest and smallest of the G4 cowboys, John feels the need to prove himself.
Given the job of wrangler, he herds a hundred or so horses from the pastures to the corral several times a day, and gets very, very good throwing a lasso.

As if he isn’t busy enough, Gillett also assigns him the job of looking after the old “Fiddler Man,” a hermit who lives on the ranch.
When John isn’t herding horses, he’s gathering wood and hauling water at the Fiddler’s cottage.

In return for his labors, John receives instruction on the fiddle.
Soon, the pastures are filled with song.

John sticks close to his older brother, Tin, a skilled cowhand with a wry sense of humor.
But Tin’s fondness for pranks and jokes gets them both into trouble.
This is the story of John’s many scrapes and adventures, as he grows into his job.

John becomes a legend when Tin gets him to lasso a grizzly bear.

Hang tight, for the wild ride!


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