I’m keeping a journal.  I started it March 9, the day the virus showed up in my town.

Each day I jot the headlines from the news, and a bit about what we’re doing at home. Evenings, I check Johns Hopkins for the numbers—the number of cases globally, then the number in Texas, then in my county, which is Dallas. I look also for Sutton County, where I have family. Seeing no mention of it, I wonder whether they have no virus there, or just too little testing.

I write what I hear from my son, sheltering in Scotland, and from my mother in Mexico. 

I have only to look back a few days’ pages, to see how this unthinkable thing has progressed. Today, in the inside cover, I pasted the Zen story of the tigers and the strawberry.

With a tiger above, and a tiger waiting below, let’s savor what we can.