Everywhere I go, I bring my writing. Everywhere.

The few times I’ve allowed myself to become separated from it, it’s led to a brooding creative doldrums, from which no progress can be made….a day without sunshine.

The absolute worst, (and how could I let this happen) is finding myself with some substandard, borrowed, low-on-ink ballpoint, scratching words on a soon-to-be-forgotten napkin.

Normally, i tote the manuscript on my person or in my car, the laptop on which it resides packed in a sturdy canvas tote, along with a pencil case stocked with easy-grip gel pens, highlighters and my favorite, a fine-tip writing sharpie. A single-subject spiral notebook in which I document my conversations with my editor and outline my scenes. All orderly, every item in its place.

But travel presents a problem. A laptop is a lot to tote around. And even though it’s backed up to the cloud, I worry about it getting stolen, or wet, or dropped on that long downhill jog to the beach. So, I’ve left it behind!

I thought this would be hard. But it’s freed me instead. I’m learning all I really need is a spiral notebook, a couple of pens, scene outlines, and such details from my prior draft as deserve to remain in the story.

When I get home, I’ll tackle the task of assimilating my travel pages into the manuscript.  Till then, I’m learning the art of working remotely. But please don’t feel too sorry for me—my characters and I are on the beach.

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