Where Have I Been?

Everyone keeps asking how the book’s coming…
Truth is, I’ve just been sitting at my kitchen table. That’s where the best writing happens…preferably early, fresh from sleep, with the door to my subconscious still ajar.

Restaurant Table in Marfa

Come to think of it, I prefer the kitchen table to a desk. Just my opinion, but the kitchen in any house, whether grand or humble, is the place where stuff gets DONE!

Sometimes, I migrate to my office, but other times I write in the kitchen all day. So, if you’re wondering where I’ve been, there’s your answer: the kitchen.

As for the state of things, the book is written but I’m in the process of making major revisions. It’s choppy, at best, and not ready to be read. But I promise you, this book IS HAPPENING, and I swear I WILL finish it. This lifetime. Cross my heart.

The book describes the many adventures of our young hero, John, in 1880’s Big Bend. For you Ward people who know the lore— the bear roping incident is in here, as well as the fake stampede that got Tin fired. John’s boss, famous lawman Jim Gillett, is larger than life with his Winchester Model 1873 carbine and a pistol on each hip. The old fiddler’s there, too, at his remote mountain shack, teaching John to play the fiddle he acquired in a card game. There’s a little bullshit in there too (ok, maybe a lot). But just ask Stephen King– you need to add a pinch of BS to make a savory story.

The deadline for completion of manuscripts in the SMU program is August, so that’s what I’m shooting for. Till then, I’m trying to stay focused…which means a lot of kitchen table time.

I can’t wait till this is ready to share. The day will (eventually) come! Check with me late August. It sounds a long way off, but I promise, when you’re staring down the barrel of an approaching writing deadline, it’s not!

Besides, quoting my lovely and enormously talented writing coach, Tex Thompson– “Crafting immortal deathless prose takes time.”


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