People who look at this old picture always ask why the hat is hanging down my back.

Well, there was a string on it, that’s why!

And the string was because the horse always held his breath. I’d go to cinch him up, and he’d do his best to puff up tight and round. You horse people out there know…

Personally, that hat never fit great anyway! None of my hats ever did. Daddy used to say I was a pinhead. No comment on that one.

But the thing is, I’d mount up and get going, and that hat would blow off. Every stinking time. So, I’d get down and get it. Then, the cinch would be loose. The horse would’ve let out his breath.I’d have to tighten it, to keep the saddle from sliding, the minute I went to get back on. But I got this hat with a rawhide chin-string, which saved me having to mess with all that.The hat would blow off, but the keeper would save it. Genius invention, that string.

BTW, no smart remarks, please. It’s the front cinch I’m talking about tightening. Not the rear one. (As you can see, I left it pretty loose). 🙂

Anyway, it was the summer of 1982 and the world was my oyster. Good times.